Mediation Style

Lillian is a practical and hands-on mediator. She is known for her respectful and open approach. She stimulates parties to have an active solution oriented role in the mediation and in their lives. She is highly engaged to stimulate parties to search for new ways to overcome their problem. Her positive approach has helped many people - both in family as in business related mediation - who did not believe anymore in a solution, to bring about a change and find a way out.

Inspiring, pragmatic, sensitive, result-oriented and innovative, thus NMI Certified Mediator / MfN Registered, Lillian van Wesemael describes herself.

She is no psychologist nor a lawyer and therefore not 'too soft' nor 'too legally oriented".

She has an eye for both the personal/emotional and business interests of parties.

Working within the field of family issues she is specialized in working with parents to draw a parenting plan that fits the interest of the children, having an eye on their peculiarities and their needs, and the possibilities of the parents.