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Let's solve your problem(s)

Let's solve your problem(s)

During owns life everyone encounters bigger or smaller problems and conflicts. Most of these you will solve yourself. But sometimes this is impossible and you need help from a professional.
Whether you have a conflict at work or in your family; if you want to settle your divorce through mutual agreement or if you question your personal development you can try to solve this issue guided by an expert in mediation and coaching. Depending on the issue or conflict, you can opt for mediation between the parties, or for individual coaching or for team training.
Lillian Wesemael is a highly experienced MfN mediator, divorce mediator, trainer and coach since 2000. Arising from her foregoing activities in Africa and Latin America, she has ample experience with intercultural issues and with international- and (non-)governmental organizations.

Her mediation and training activities encompasses labour related issues within education - and health care organizations, and within government agencies. She is well known with issues between government and citizens. She has a broad experience in family and divorce cases. She focuses on re-establishing a practical parental relationship and pays ample attention to the interests of the children involved.

Lillian van Wesemael

She is affiliated with the Mediation Network of The Lime Tree and works as a court annex mediator f.i. for the Court and the Court of Justice in The Hague.

Lillian's field of work isn’t limited to the Netherlands. Since 2009 she has been certified as Cross Border Mediator. She is member of the pool of specialized and trained mediators of the Mediation Bureau, International Child Abduction Centre in the Netherlands. In 2011 she was selected to participate in a European intensive course Train the Trainers in Cross Border Mediation and since then she forms part as a mediator and a trainer of the European Network of Cross Border Mediators.

Language used in mediation, coaching and training session: Dutch, English and Spanish. German, moderate speaking skills, always in co-mediation with an experienced fluently German speaking mediator.